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In the German Parliament Bundestag a motion is pending review and backed by all relevant political groups (except the left fringe party Die Linke). It concerns the need to better draw the line between the spheres of patentable inventions and of copyrightable data processing. A legal clarification of patent law is sought to prevent an unwanted expansion of its material scope. The intergroup motion has been translated to English by an association for small and medium sized software companies.


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Here are the patent applications and grant from the US company Intellectual Ventures.

bulk.resource.org, a service of Public.Resource.Org.

“LOCKSS system has permission to collect, preserve, and
serve this open access Archival Unit.”

This system contains UNSUPPORTED, AS-IS copies of selected
U.S. government archives.

Anyone interested to analyse the zipped documents which contain XML files? A few years ago colleagues from Sweden created the GAUSS patent database, an early attempt to make patent information more accessible.

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