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The French Interoperability Framework RGI 1.0 is out and officially enacted.

Here is the readers digest quote from an interoperability specialist’s rant about the French paper:

– the document is of poor quality. By this I mean that you do not expect this kind of document stemming from a french central administration: a few spellchecking errors, low level of technical discourse matched with european jargon.

– an attention to details that is simply ridiculous: it describes the SMTP and TCP/IP protocols in details and then set as a Rule that they should be used. (Thanks to the document we can now feel safe and righteous when we use TCP/IP to surf the Internet).

– Lots of factual errors and inaccuracies: times new roman is not a font that can be used free of any right.
– comparing apples and bananas: The only difference between REST architectures and SOAs is not that the SOAs are not REST (although we understand they’re trying to describe two kinds of “web services” it is wildly inaccurate and creates a senseless chatter).

… and so forth. The simple question to ask is, like it or not, what does the Sarkozy government want to achieve with its French interoperability framework RGI? What is the practical purpose of their RGI? I have no answer for this question prepared. It only makes much sense to me to enact it while Malmö quarrels over the European Interoperability Framework 2.0 and the degrees of openness needed for interoperability. If administration hasn’t made up its mind about its national interests in the matter it is no surprise that the contents of the document becomes coton.


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