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LXDE as a Desktop Environment does not attempt to cause irritation for former users of Windows. It is different but its developers are not desperate to show that it is different. The desktop choice is today characterised by indifference and what really matters for LXDE is a leadership in the categories performance and memory footprint while at the same time you should not miss any essential features of a modern Desktop Environment.

What feels different for experienced Windows users with LXDE is the Window manager. You don’t know what that is? Doesn’t matter. Let’s fix it.

The default Windows Manager of LXDE is called Openbox and you can tweak its settings with a tool called “Openbox Configuration Manager” or “obconf”.

Select the panel “Mouse” and set here the following options:

  • Double click on the titlebar: Maximizes the window.
  • Double click time: 350ms (or more).

Clicking with your mouse on the top title bar will now maximize the window. There are also many other settings you can configure. Openbox is very fast, flexible and provides you with choice.

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