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What is MoonOS? You can compare it with Linux Mint, it is a flavour of Ubuntu with a focus on theming and user appearance from Cambodia:

moonOS is a complete and fully functional operative system based on the LXDE, Enlightenment DR17 and powered by the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu. moonOS, a project started and designed by the Cambodian artist Chanrithy Thim (12rithy), is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a Virtual Machine.

For the third edition Thim has set inspiring LXDE goals:

# Slim instead GDM in LXDE Edition
# moonSlim the graphic tool for configure Slim
# moonComposite easy to enable composite manager in LXDE Edition
# Use Openbox in LXDE Edition again
# Redesign LXDE Edition desktop

Slim is the Simple Login Manager, hosted by Berlios.


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