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Today, in the course of the Berlinale Festival a new reconstruction of the Metropolis long version based on recent Argentinian findings was presented, together with its music score. An absolute sensation, it seems like the movie finally makes sense. It gets the rhythm right and the scenes fit much better than the earlier 2001 reconstruction attempts based on Enno Patalas works. The special aspect for Metropolis reconstruction is that there are different original camera negative version. The Independent finds:

Yet, for all its magnificence, the Metropolis as we knew it was illogical in places and suffered as a result. For years audiences have wondered how good this film might have been had it not been edited. It turns out that it’s better than anyone could ever have expected. … The film now feels suitably epic and tense throughout.

I fully agree, it is a totally different, much richer picture. The quality though indicates there is still way for digital improvements. This applies in particular to stripes during still camera shots. In that sense the fantastic new version looks like a fundraiser of the F.W. Murnau Foundation to present us with an improved version. Earlier restauration attempt for instance only used 2k digital scans.

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