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Remember the Cliff Richard directive proposal for a copyright extention of sound recordings also known as 2008/0157(COD)? The extention was fiercely debated in the European Parliament and by consumer groups. Our MEPs adopted a plenary report and then… Then our EU-Council with all the member states at the table went into wait-and-see mode. They noticed that the Commission proposition was quite a bit over the top. Meanwhile we have a new parliament, the Lisbon Treaty regime, a new Council. Now it’s back on the agenda, just before the children born when the Commission started to draft its proposal enter school, rumours say Hungary suddenly changed its mind in the Council, we learn from an alarmist Boingboing call to action, that we, the people are asked by science fiction writer Cory Doctorow to

1. Phone our MEP

2. MEP does for us ???

3. Win!

What can be done by your MEP?

In some member states it is common that pending laws get scrapped after the an electoral vote of new representatives, not so in the EU. Engström, an MEP from Sweden (who was elected as a challenger of the current copyright rules) is going to invoke Rule 59 of the European Parliament to get a “renewed referral”, so Parliament can again have its say on the proposal. From a power balance perspective it is a smart thing to do for the European Parliament, because it gains them more weight in the process and does not prejudice a decision.

40 supporting MEPs across the aisle are required to request a Rule 59 plenary motion.

Request for
to Parliament

pursuant to Rule 59 of the Rules of Procedure

of the proposal for a EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL DIRECTIVE amending Directive 2006/116/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the term of protection of copyright and related rights (COM(2008)0464 – C6-0281/2008 – 2008/0157(COD)).

MEPs are well advised to support the motion. Some arguments

  • The “renewed referral” motion would make Cliff Richard, Mick Jagger visit the European Parliament (=you) once again.
  • Citizens from your electorate believe they still like their music and their visit to the Europarl will excite them about the spirit of European integration and ultimately…
  • your support contributes to the completion of the single market and to reaping the full benefit of the Lisbon strategy objectives.

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A list of European Parliament Intergroups, that is non-partisan groups of MEPs, like an official committee.

  • SMEs
  • Ways of Saint James/Camino de Santiago
  • Family, the right of the child and bioethics
  • Sky and space
  • Youth issues
  • Urban
  • Mountainous, island and sparsely populated regions and very remote regions
  • Social economy
  • Sustainable hunting, biodiversity, countryside activities and forests
  • Extreme poverty and human rights, Fourth World European Committee
  • Disability
  • Tibet
  • Climate change and biodiversity and sustainable development
  • Water
  • Baltic Europe
  • Media
  • Ageing and intergenerational solidarity
  • Seas and coastal affairs
  • Welfare and conservation of animals
  • Trade union coordination group
  • New media, free software, open information Society
  • Traditional national minorities, constitutional regions and regional languages
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights
  • Public services
  • Western Sahara
  • Anti-racism and diversity (Roma included)
  • Wine, fruits and vegetables, tradition and quality food

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