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A young developer, Marco Usai, presents his project  ubucompilator in his blog.

Ubucompilator is a simply compiler (relased under gpl v3 )to make, configure, install and make .deb package from sources! With ubucompilator you can save a lot of time to compile a software or create .deb files!

He releases the “first usable release” of his software. A “lubucompilator for
lxde user)!” I am not very impressed. At present Usai’s proposal looks a bit like a gui for checkinstall to me, time would tell. But as the creation of deb files is a special science of its own, it could be useful to automatize the necessary checking. The essence of *nix make files is: “We don’t understand them.” Meanwhile many large projects switched to build software like Scons for good reasons, so the old guard has passed away anyway.

Magic conversation spell: If you are among software developers who work on Linux, just raise the question how they like the build system or the libc or X. It is tested and works!


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