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Oneiric DVD abspielen

Wenn das Abspielen von DVD nach dem Upgrade nach Oneiric mit VLC nicht mehr funktioniert (Meldung: MRT..)  mit Rootrechten  in der Datei


die Zeile mit scd0 auszukommentieren, und danach den Rechner neu zu starten. In meinem Fall

# /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       0


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A first alpha version preview of Lubuntu Lucid has been released. It also includes artwork for lubuntu, the next generation of the PCMAN file manager along with pcmanfm 0.5.2, you can invoke it in the terminal with “pcmanfm2”.

Download of test images:

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It is so amazing to discover small distributions which use LXDE. The latest one I became aware of is Masonux:

Masonux is derivative of Ubuntu Linux using the LXDE desktop environment created using remastersys. Masonux contains the following: Ubuntu base install (from the 10 megabyte mini.iso, found here), LXDE, Firefox, Pidgin, Synaptic Package Manager, ubiquity graphical installer, and remastersys.

Last week Lynxis prepared early test ISO images for Lubuntu, the ubuntu flavour of LXDE. Unexpectedly the Lubuntu public download rush crashed the servers of a Berlin creative technology center “c-base” which hosted the test images. Lynxis rents office space there. The download problem was quickly resolved and LXDE/Lubuntu is even more famous now in Berlin. Also another group faced growth troubles. The Lubuntu team which just manages the seed discussed whether to keep the release team open or close the group because that was potentially dangerous. Membership skyrocket to 135 members. It was decided to keep membership open for now. We are also looking for a new logo for Lubuntu as the deadline for the Karmic release cycle quickly approaches.

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