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The Korea FTA legislative provisions are a kind of bilateral model for the ACTA agreement and challenges competences of the parliament. So it is interesting that the issue was raised recently:

ORAL QUESTION WITH DEBATE pursuant to Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure by Daniel Caspary, Peter Šťastný and Paweł Zalewski, on behalf of the PPE Group, David Martin, Gianluca Susta and Kader Arif, on behalf of the S&D Group, Michael Theurer, Niccolò Rinaldi, Metin Kazak and Marielle De Sarnez, on behalf of the ALDE Group, Jan Zahradil, on behalf of the ECR Group to the Commission

The EU has initialled the EU-FTA with South Korea which will have an impact on various industries.

Can the Commission indicate the foreseen economic savings for our exporters due to the tariff reduction or elimination? Has the Commission carried out an impact assessment on the consequences of granting duty drawback on individual sectors, in particular the car industry that will be affected by this? When will the Commission provide an early insight into the results of the impact assessment to MEPs?

The FTA refers to a general safeguard clause, in case of increased imports from South Korea. Can the Commission explain how it will be activated?

The agreement makes provision for a dispute settlement mechanism. What are the principles and rules agreed on and how quickly will it be put in place? Does it include specific investor-state dispute settlement provisions?

The regulations on duty drawback contain a safety clause for suspension on the basis of certain criteria. How does the Commission plan to gather the data in order to possibly trigger such a safety clause? How does the Commission intend to prove there has been a 10% increase in imported goods into the South Korean market?

Can the Commission explain what will be the implications of the cultural cooperation protocol and how it will impact the European cultural sector? Can it also provide explanations regarding the provisions on rules of origin and entry prices and their consequences?

Does the Commission envisage proposing to the Council the provisional application of the agreement before its official entry into force? How does it plan to involve Parliament in this? Would the Commission propose provisional application even before the entry into force of the regulation on safeguard clauses?

Can the Commission explain how the ‘acquis communautaire’ has been taken into account in the IP chapter?

Can the Commission indicate what will be the consequences for employment in the different sectors affected by the agreement?

Is the Commission considering the application of rebalancing measures and policies for the sectors which are the most affected by FTA Korea? If so, what form would they take?

What safeguards does the FTA contain in relation to environmental and trade union rights?

It is very fruitful to find out what was answered by the Commission to the oral question. The FFII calls to remove the chapter.


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