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Kanotix preview

A preview of the new Kanotix “Excalibur” is ready for testing. The upcoming Kanotix release Excalibur will be based upon Debian in its Lenny version. It is packed with new stuff such as:

* Kernel BFS patched
* Kde 3.5.10
* Openoffice 2.4.1 (im ooo3 iso 3.1.1 mit den Paketen von http://www.openoffice.org/)
* Grub2 (1.97 beta 4)
* Wicd
* Wine 1.1.35
* Iceweasel 3.0.6 (xulrunner (~unbranded Firefox)
* Icedove (~unbranded Thunderbird)
* Kanos scripts for installing the nvidia and ati drivers

You can test Excalibur right now by downloading an iso cd image, a version with openoffice 3.1.1: Excalibur OOO3 2009 32 bit


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