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The European Union is criticized for many reasons and subject to demagogic projection (and defense). One of the most profound constructive criticism of the European Union was communicated Roman Herzog and Lüder Gerken a while ago. Now they are back and another co-author entered the team, the controversial former Commissioner Frits Bolkestein.

Frankfurter Allgemeine: „Die EU schadet der Europa-Idee“, Roman Herzog, Frits Boltkestein und Lüder Gerken

In the European lawmaking process the multi-level compromise, the polyarchic institutional character is fiercely criticized which resulted in superfluous regulation and unbalance of order policy. Equally fiercely upheld is the principle of subsidiarity by the authors. The European Union had to regain lost confidence with citizens.

Another field of criticism is the inability of national representations to stop intervention in policies such as university regulation (which are not even subject to federal competence in Germany). They also argue against the light bulb regulation, and prefer the academic emission trade schemes. Another shot is aimed at the lack of a normative individualism conception in consumer policy, in other words paternalism.


Gerken/Herzog still argue from an ordoliberal standpoint against the current practice. Gerken’s contributions remain the most beneficial offers for the EU criticism market. At times their views are academic and unpragmatic. It seems to me that the EU state of affairs challenges us to refresh ordoliberal teachings. What may appear dull sermon on the national level, becomes an antithesis to the current European practice, ultimately such a weltanschauung would help to overcome overlooked and crucial governance problems.


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