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The European Union antitrust case against Microsoft for bundling seemed incredibly solid. A bit desperate look the latest defense proposals the New York Times became aware of:

Microsoft will argue against a European Commission proposal that it promote competing browsers in its Windows operating system on the ground that such a move would strengthen its rival Google’s dominance in the global search-advertising market, according to a person with direct knowledge of Microsoft’s legal defense.

Does not look good at all. And here comes the classic:

According to the person, Microsoft will argue that Internet browsing is inseparable from the Windows operating system.

Antitrust defense lawyers or racketeers? Won’t work out. No way. The inseperability argument was tried before, debunked and is well documented and discussed. All antitrust professionals are able to crush it blindfold. The google argument is a legally irrelevant point about a claimed competition effect of a remedy.


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