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Roundtable, Tuesday 3 May, Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels

12:00 – 13:30 Session I – Cutting through Europe’s outdated national policies

Counter-terrorism technologies have made encouraging advances, so now it’s the lack of more coherent EU-wide policies that is the problem. The time has come for EU member states to abandon competing national practises and devise common standards and a shared approach to research and innovation. Could public-private partnerships better develop the next generation of technologies, and if so, would that ensure that end-users get the right solutions at the right price? How can Europe foster greater interaction between technology developers and regulatory actors, and what forms of information exchange can aid this process? Is there a case for extending public research funding programmes to cover demonstration projects? Which of the various interested European Commission directorates should take the lead in determining and implementing a new EU security industry strategy?

Keynote speaker:
Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Polish Senate, former Polish Prime Minister

Bill Butler, Chief Executive, UK Security Industry Authority
Marco Malacarne, Head of Unit for Security Research and Development, Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, European Commission
Reinhard Priebe, Director for Internal Security, Directorate General for Home Affairs, European Commission
Kevin Riordan, Technical Director for Airport and Critical Infrastructure Security Products, Smiths Detection, UK

14:30 – 16:00 Session II – Devising an EU-wide rulebook

Society’s chief line of defence against terrorist attack is technology, but increased screening procedures of both passengers and freight cannot guarantee 100% protection. To what extent has front-line defence against terrorist attack fallen to the private sector? Are liability threats discouraging investment in advanced technologies, and should Europe respond by devising an EU-wide rulebook? How can the EU frame technology innovation, certification and liability rules? Can common capability requirements and criteria for the validation of security screening technologies be turned into competitive international standards? With EU member states favouring various approaches, what compromise proposal can be expected from the European Commission?

Gérard Borel, General Counsel, Airport Council International
Allison N. Jetton, Attorney, Office of the General Counsel Science & Technology Directorate, US Department of Homeland Security
Jeffrey A. Taylor, Vice President and General Counsel, Integrated Defense Systems, Raytheon
Werner Vandenbergh, Vice President, Security and Contingency, Brussels Airlines

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