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LXDE in user comments:

I’ve been with KDE 3.5x, and got sick of the sluggishness. I went to Gnome. Pretty but not much faster. Tried E17. Fun if you like to fix things constantly. Tried KDE 4.1. Uggh. Tried LXDE. Win95 revisited. Tried OpenBox. Quick but too basic and unconfigurable (ok, I cannot be bothered wading through text files to configure a gui).

Do people actually remember what Win95 was like? It is always the same: make a top bar menu, oh, they follow the mac, place a panel left bottom corner, oh, it looks like Windows. Did you notice that the Windows7 watch “looks KDE”? Now with all the experimentation, where start menues at once “look different”, where you cannot be sure anymore that the blue icon is the web, we are on the path to user interface indifference.

Nobody is expected to configure his Desktop Environment but those people who want can do. The basic concept of a windowing environment hasn’t changed much over the last twenty years. It was time to rethink that component of the user experience. What we found out was that a panel is actually no application but a means to launch your programs and switch between applications.

In this Sesame Street classic it is explained from a memory footprint perspective how to make the perfect match.


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