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A colleague informed me that I completely overlooked the TACD recommendations on IPR enforcement (patents, copyright, trademarks etc.) measures. TACD stands for the transatlantic consumer dialogue and they officially represent “consumers” as stakeholders in the ongoing transatlantic Transatlantic Economic Council and ACTA negotiations as a counterpart to TABD, the transatlantic business dialogue.

It follows a kind of estates model of governance. So the largest consumer organisations are represented in TACD. Europe does not have a culture of consumer representation (we govern the state as citizens according our democratic principles) but in the US it is a very common notion, as a complement or even counterpart of industry interests.

The resolution of TACD follows from the alliance character of their activities which makes it necessary to hold these conventions and agree on a common position. The recommendations are very interesting and pragmatic for a “committee draft and approved” document.


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