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Copyright is in reform needs. The objective feels a bit like the movie plot kitsch of Metropolis, how to reconcile the heart and the hand of the digital environment. One approach by trade politicians is currently undertaken by e.g. a planned Trade Treaty, ACTA, which aims to tighten copyright enforcement and use so called digital rights management measures. Also the Commission investigates copyright licensing legal ambushes. Another approach is of intellectual, discoursive nature. No one really knows how to adapt copyright to the digital environment and make it sustainable. So the idea was to get the minds and interested parties together to discuss the future of copyright in an open, sea side remote location as Wilhelmshaven, the famous Prussian North Sea war port. Get the trias author-intermediary-user, as Dr. Joachim Losehand points out, to talk with each other, not about each other. Times are changing, so is copyright.

A preliminary website is up and running here:


A call for paper is preannounced, the event would take place 4-6 June 2010 in Wilhelmshaven.


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