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For those who just knew Omnibus and Omnicleaner, a message from Referat IT 7 of BMI (German Federal Ministry of Interiour), relates to an annual conference about electronic ID:

Omnicard 2010

Jährlicher Branchentreff zum Informationsaustausch rund um das Thema elektronische Identität vom
19.-21.01.2010 in Berlin

What makes me curious, I just received a “Führungszeugnis” (certificate of good conduct) sent to me from BMJ, a letter which confirms to me that I am no criminal or otherwise dangerous or as they say “No entry”. It was much faster delivered than they announced me in the citizen’s service office. It took much longer 15 years ago and you had to wait for 40 minutes to file your application. These kind of public services tend to improve over time. I am sure we will one day pass the stage where you simply order them via a webform and they don’t charge you for that knickknack, it would be in your box the next day. Of course electronic recording of such data with an electronic ID card sounds more convenient. I guess data protection and security would be an issue here. Now, if the information that I am harmless is beyond the scope of an ID card, what to do with other critical data such as Health records?


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