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MEP Kósa Ádám prepares a report on Mobility and inclusion of people with disabilities and the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 Have a look at the draft report, you don’t find it on OEIL.

For the larger context consider the report from KEI about the WIPO participation/leave of the EU from the WIPO treaty for the blind process. The EU does not want a diplomatic conference.

Attached is a PDF of the proposal by the European Union that was presented at the April 15, 2011 informals in Geneva, held at the US Embassy. The European Union now proposes that WIPO adopt a soft non-blinding recommendation on cross border sharing of accessible works, and then monitor progress on the issue for 3 to 5 years. Only after the period of monitoring would WIPO assess whether or not the non-blinding measures “meet the reasonable needs of persons with print disabilities because of legal restrictions,” and only then would WIPO consider “discussions” about whether or not to hold a diplomatic conference.”

Nice phrase: “soft non-blinding recommendation”


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