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First meeting of the Board of Regulators of BEREC and the Management Committee of the Office 28 January 2010, Egmont Palace Brussels.

Commissioner Reding speech.

All the participants today therefore have an important responsibility to make this particular two-tier structure a success. You are all now wearing, in addition to your “national hat” as national regulator, a “European hat” as members of BEREC. I understand well that this new European dimension of the work of telecoms regulators will be a learning process – for stakeholders, for the media and also for the staff of national regulators. However, you will see that at the end of the day, the exchange of regulatory expertise across national borders and the close interaction within BEREC will over time strengthen the independence of national regulators and enhance the quality of their work.

Commissioner Kroes speech

Regarding your mission, the EU Legislator has established BEREC to ensure the “consistent application” of the telecoms Regulatory framework. This is quite different from “harmonisation.” In Europe’s diverse telecom markets, I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach will work. We are all aware that BEREC is not a European super-regulator . However, as a body of experienced national regulators I think you are well placed to deliver this consistent application of the regulatory framework. … In that sense I am placing my trust in you – as experts in these markets – to aim high in your work. I look forward to a close working relationship on important dossiers, such as next generation access networks, universal service, roaming and net neutrality – to name but a few. Here we will, I am sure, benefit from our combined expertise to find the right solutions.


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