Im Fall Breyer verweigert die Kommission den Zugang zu einem Rechtsgutachen zur Anwendbarkeit des Gemeinschaftsrechts in einem Zweitantrag mit dem Hinweis auf den Schutz der Rechtsberatung. Wie schon in ähnlichen Fällen ist dabei ein allgemeiner rechtlicher Sachverhalt Gegenstand. Breyer hat jetzt Klage eingelegt. Besonders merkwürdig ist, dass die Kommission sich gegen die Offenlegung der Klageschrift wendet, konträr zu ihren Prinzipien aus Art 15(1) AEUV.


29.   Urges the Commission and Member States to devise appropriate measures to promote, develop and manufacture European encryption technology and software and above all to support projects aimed at developing user-friendly open-source encryption software;

30.   Calls on the Commission and Member States to promote software projects whose source text is made public (open-source software), as this is the only way of guaranteeing that no backdoors are built into programmes;

31.   Calls on the Commission to lay down a standard for the level of security of e-mail software packages, placing those packages whose source code has not been made public in the ‘least reliable’ category;


Die Europa-Union hat sich ein neues Programm gegeben, dabei sind die Forderunge durchaus nicht mehr verfassungskonform in Deutschland, so will die Europa-Union Wahlrecht auf allen Ebene nur im Wohnsitzland gewähren. Das widerspricht dem Grundgesetz und ist daher technisch kaum umsetzbar.

The ExxonMobile Executive Nicolas Mockfort was shot dead in Brussels close to Italian restaurant Da Marcello two weeks ago, in an event that looked first like car jacking. To the Belgian police authorities it appears likely that he was asssasinated. Given the company Exxon Mobile keeps, I just feel reminded of ruthless anti-French smear group TechCentralStation, hardly a suprise. The Telegraph for more. Usually Brussels is no dangerous place. What to make out of that:

But a spokeswoman for ExxonMobil said that, although the death was a shock, there was nothing to suggest a link with the company. However, one family member, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Telegraph that they thought he was killed in a professional hit.

Aus dem Code von KStars:
181 bool Projector::checkVisibility( SkyPoint *p ) const
182 {
183 //TODO deal with alternate projections
184 //not clear how this depends on projection
185 //FIXME do these heuristics actually work?

Übersetzungsfreuden unter KDE 4.9 / Kubuntu. Nicht nur schreibt der Dialog für uns einen Wolf. Die Aktionskontexte werden in der Übersetzung verloren:

When KDE Desktop shows a black screen after distribution update. Well, it displays the load intro animation, then black screen. The safest method is to turn “compositing” features off. Get a prompt (ALT+CRTL+F1), login in with your user name / password and enter:

kwriteconfig –file kwinrc –group Compositing –key Enabled false

You could also manually edit the kwinrc file in .kde.

Then reboot.