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From a European Union Commission website:

$(document).ready(function() {
// If Google Analytics used, also track document downloads as Pageviews
try {
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3076907-3");
pageTracker._trackPageview(this.pathname + this.search);
//console.log('tracked ' + this.href);
} catch (err) {
if (location.hash == '') {
$('form[name!=commentform][name!=searchForm][name!=itemcall]:not(form[name^=rating]):first *:input[type=text]:first').focus();
$('form[name=identification] *:input[type!=hidden]:first').focus();
/* REVIEW: DOES NOT WORK IN IE6 (no form submission at all!!)
$('input[type=submit]').click(function() {
var self = this;
setTimeout(function() {$(self).removeAttr('disabled')},5000);

And if so, does this constitute a national security risk? I am just asking because even in private sector operations often passionate citizens approach us with concerns when we use Google Analytics. I am curious if the European Data Protection Supervisor website also uses Google Analytics…

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For the SkyDrive Explorer, a kind of Dropbox clone, a new definition of cross-platform has been developed:

32/64 bit OS support

SkyDrive Explorer works both in 32- and 64-bit Microsoft® Windows OS. Minimal required OS is Windows XP, and SkyDrive Explorer will successfully work in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and Windows 7.

But anyway, tools like Skydrive are killer applications. File servers are nothing new in the business environment but setting these external virtual hard discs up has never been so simple.

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From a Council document 13 February 2009 which was declassified:

23. Since 2007, four negotiation rounds have taken place on an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The last one was held in Paris in December 2008 and should be followed by a round scheduled in March 2009 in Morocco.
24. This agreement should cover mainly the following aspects:
(a) general provisions and definitions,
(b) institutional issues,
(c) border measures,
(d) international cooperation,
(e) Internet,
(f) criminal enforcement, and
(g) civil enforcement.
25. As regards civil enforcement issues, the Community endeavours to reach an agreement which would provide added value to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and which would follow the logics of Directive 2004/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

26. In particular the Community’s objectives are:
– to ensure that the text applies to every type of intellectual property rights;
– to impose compensatory damages rather than punitive damages; and
– to ensure that right holders may apply for an injunction against intermediaries.
27. The Committee on Civil Law Matters should keep the negotiations on this Agreement under consideration, in particular as regards its aspects relating to civil enforcement.

Also this ACTA-document is “declassified”, the mandate for the Commission to negotiate from the 133 Committee but without the relevant part, so the “unprecendented secrecy” of the EU in the matter continues.

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The Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved a license from the European Commission which the administration developed for its own software, the European Union Public License (EUPL) (cmp also the info resources of OSOR.eu and Wikipedia). It was written to be legally enforcable in all member states of the Union with its member states and does not want to score on political grounds. Unlike other licenses it is available in several languages. The draft and review team carefully investigated existing licenses. Still it aims to be compatible with existing software licenses. It was fascinating to get involved in the EUPL process because it demonstrated how “legal interoperability” is a challenge entirely different from “legal harmonisation” and what public authorities can contribute to transnational legal certainty without any requirements to change the national laws. The EU-Commission IDABC did an excellent job here and I hope a capable transnational authority will start the same effort for RAND and RF patent licensing/indemnification models. Congratulations for Karel de Vriendt, the approval of the EUPL by the OSI will facilitate the application of the license for the re-use of egovernment software. The EUPL is also increasingly a vital option for European businesses looking for a legally secure way to license their software to their customers under its terms.

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A program to view email boxes?

Mail Viewer is a standalone, portable software program for Microsoft Windows operating systems that can display a wide variety of formats used by Microsoft in its interface. It can read and display .idx, .mbx and .dbx message databases used in Microsoft Outlook Express 4,5 and 6 as well as Windows Vista Mail and Windows Live mail message databases.

Looks like an answer to an increasing retrival problem and format hell. How to store (or backup) mail communication data in an interoperable way?

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Computers, Privacy & Data Protection conference: Data Protection in A Profiled World?

16 January 2009 – 17 January 2009 Brussels, Belgium: This event aims to offer a discussion forum for policy makers, academics, practitioners, activists and representatives from standardization bodies and ICT industries,on key issues related to data protection and privacy.

The main topic of this year’s conference is “profiling and automatic computing”. Other topics covered: e-voting and data breaches, e-privacy regulations and surveillance, privacy by design and social networks.

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