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Vassil Mladjov presents their Blogtronix OzoneOS user interface proof on concept. It obviously plays in the same league as GOS.

Tell us what you think of it and if this would work for you and your clients? Is this too much of a change from what people use these days like the Facebook UI, is this going in the right direction or are we way off here?

What you have to consider is that ergonomy is not about the first 20 seconds. While these components may impress users, they eat screen. When you just have a small screen on a netbook, it should be used.


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Negroponte talks about the OLPC again. His hardware vision for educational purposes inspired the netbooks. I remember that at the UN World Summit for the Information Society in Geneva Negroponte’s vision was the only substantial concept in an ocean of world transformation strategies and humanity discussions of dictators. Oh, and I found the presentation of BBC’s Nik Gowing very inspiring who stressed how the availability of cheap digital recording equipment changes power relations and transforms TV journalism. The BBC was closer to imagine that a few years later there would be Saddam execution cell phone videos posted on the net than other stations.

Now Negroponte  announced a next generation of OLPCs that would be based on an open hardware principle. Negroponte regrets that not all of their concepts were copied. The OLPC seems to be mostly a showcase and now that the netbook generation takes off, Negroponte has to cut staff. The OLPC packages bleeding edge technologies like freifunk software for a pragmatic objective in a way that “sells” to the media and foundations. Wireless-mesh is one of the OLPC technologies that are not mainstreamed yet.

Last year Benjamin Henrion and I thought about a project called “One Pen per Child” (OPPC)”. It is a parody of Negroponte’s original One Laptop Per Child vision which clashes with the reality on the ground. Nothing came out of it but a facebook cause for the OPPC later the year. You can join it. It was great fun for us and we hope it inspires people as did Negroponte’s showcase.

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Netbooks are popular, and Acer has to follow the trend of 10 inch screens. Existing Acer One models had a 9 inch screen but in November a 10 inch model was announced. Yesterday it was made official, you can buy them now.

The cheap netbook class finally is entering the segment where high-priced subnotebooks were 2 years ago and the subnotebook market is eaten up by cheap and trendy models as the Acer One. Now we understand why notebooks beeing “thin” was the Apple market hype.

Here a picture of the 10 inch Acer One.

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Operating system lock-ins are getting irrelevant. At least when these Operating Systems are capable to run on the small and cheap new subnotebooks at all. Hewlett-Packard has released its new netbook Mini Mi with Linux.

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