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Rob Weir notifies:

The ISO/IEC amendment to ODF 1.1 has finally been published. This makes the ISO version technically equivalent to the OASIS ODF 1.1.

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Canadian professor Michael Geist comments on recent developments in Europe:

The European Parliament’s INTA Committee yesterday soundly rejected a proposal to refer the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement to the European Court of Justice for review. ACTA critics viewed the proposal as a delay tactic designed with the hope that public opposition to the agreement would subside in the year or two it would take for a court review. The 21-5 vote against the motion means that the INTA committee will conclude its ACTA review later this spring with a full European Parliament vote expected in June or July. The lack of support for ACTA within the European Parliament is now out in the open with multiple parties indicating they will not support the agreement.

Not quite. It rather seems that the conservatives (EPP) are unwilling to accept ACTA as an Europarl elections topic. The substantial questions arises whether a fast burial is beneficial as long as the fundamental treaty questions underlying Article 207 remain unreviewed by the court, and DG Trade continues with more of the same in bilaterals. Certainly the delay tactics would be beneficial to grow and sustain a broader popular movement. I am told the liberals didn’t like a fast burial.

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Today is Document Freedom Day. Nice. And the German Document Freedom Award goes to 1&1 for their broad jabber deployment:

In Karlsruhe FSFE and FFII handed over a certificate and the Document Freedom Award-cake to Jan Oetjen, CEO 1&1 Internet Portals, and Tino Anic with his team, who are responsible for this functionality. The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP, previously called Jabber) is an Open Standard communication protocol used for chatting. A variety of chat programs support this protocol, and it is also used in VoIP applications. Every e-mail users of 1&1, GMX and WEB.DE get such an XMPP account by default, which has the same name as the e-mail address.


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Jeff Klein from Mozilla emails:

Hi there,

Zainab says it best: “The Mozilla Hackasaurus workshop was a once in a lifetime experience.”

From X-ray Goggles to Hack Jams, Mozilla is giving kids the tools to remix and shape the Web — moving them away from consuming what already exists and toward shaping and building a more awesome Web — and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

Argh! And it goes on:

The online experience presented to most kids today is one that is delivered in a shiny, fixed package — but Mozilla is changing that. Just ask Zainab: “We were introduced to Hackasaurus, a tool that makes it easy to mash up and change any website with the use of X-ray Goggles. You can remix any website and change it up to become your own…it was new and exciting.”

Get me the Karl Fogel manual rant. I just can’t stand all these awesome phrases.

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Die Roboterstimme des Hitechwunders für die Seniorenbetreuung ist der Brüller:

Und jetzt kommt’s, er kommt von der Jade Hochschule.

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Infojustice hat sich den Spaß gemacht ACTA und TPP zu vergleichen. Schön tabellarisch, gründlich. Natürlich, gegen TPP sieht ACTA harmlos aus. Weder ACTA noch TPP enthalten übrigens Bestimmungen für gezielte Schüsse.

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Der Handelsausschuss stimmte mit großer Mehrheit (21 zu 5) gegen den Verweis an den EGH und der Plan ist tatsächlich noch im Sommer über ACTA abzustimmen. Für Kommissar Karel de Gucht muss das ein Affront sein.

“We have to bring that discussion back to the rational part. …I would expect all member states to wait the outcome of the procedure before the Court of Justice before they take final decision on their national procedure. This would be only normal.”

Siehe auch die Pressemitteilung von LQDN.

Mir wurde gestern zugetragen, dass nur ein “lobotomiertes Hühnchen” für den Interim-Bericht des Parlaments und den EGH-Verweis zu ACTA sei. Ich bin so eines. Ich finde es auch wichtiger, dass der EGH die Rechtsfragen des Art 207 klärt als ACTA schnell parlamentarisch zu verwerfen.

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