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Ajit Joakar schreibt:

The English summer is here albeit sporadically and it is relatively quiet in London business wise, except for the economic crisis and the riots… London remains a vibrant place and a great place to do business.

Dass es so schlimm aussieht, das habe ich nicht geahnt.


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Norbert Bollow wrote about his Internet governance forum activities:

In an effort aimed at making public interest representation on information society topics easier, I’ve started working towards a “map of Internet governance”, and a “Dynamic Working Coalition for Internet Governance Mapping” has been formed, see http://idgovmap.org/ . In particular I’m organizing a workshop at the IGF in Nairobi on behalf of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus and Consumers International’s programme Consumer Representation in the Information Society.

We would like to request your assistence in the form of a survey: Please share your perspective on opportunties and obstacles for public interest representation on information society issues:

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