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Samba guru Jeremy Allison reflects on Open XML standardization at LCA2010:

“One of the worst things that happened out of that, [is that the ISO] which was previously respected by people that didn’t know it so well, became absolutely despised,” he said. “There are some countries now thinking of pulling out [of ISO] because it is simply not worth participating in a process that is so obviously corrupted.”

I disagree, it is worth participating.


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For the rationale about Reply-To Munging, see Reply-To Munging Considered Harmful. Read Reply-To Munging Considered Useful for a dissenting opinion.

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LePoint quotes the Commission negotiator for ACTA in Mexico:

“Le principe de rendre publics les documents de travail avant la signature de l’accord a été accepté par tous, reste à savoir quand nous allons le faire”, affirme le négociateur de l’UE, pour qui “les gens seront rassurés lorsqu’ils verront les documents”.

I am wondering how he reconciles the principle of “making it public before it is signed” with the EU treaties. And even more weird, the answer to the question how it is possible to negotiate criminal penal law:

“Oui, nous négocions aussi en matière de droit pénal”, confirme la Commission. “Mais notre mandat respecte le partage des compétences (entre l’UE et les États membres, NDLR)”…

How is that possible? It cannot be found out because the mandate is not made public. Magic, it reminds me of the charlatans who say they live without food and water supply, and it is their personal secret what makes them survive.

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News by Jan Wildeboer about the SUN-Oracle merger. It’s ok-ed.

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The submission of Openspectrum.eu

OSA’s response to the public consultation on the Radio Spectrum Policy Group’s draft report on “Cognitive Technologies”

was made public on the EU RSPG website. Very technical stuff.

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Brussels, 21.12.2009
COM(2009)691 final
“A European Security Research and Innovation Agenda – Commission’s initial position on ESRIF’s key findings and recommendations”

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“Procedure completed” announced OEIL electronically.

COD/2007/0248 Electronic communications: universal service, users’ rights relating to networks and services, processing of personal data, protection of privacy, consumer protection cooperation [‘Telecoms Package’ (amend. Directives 2002/22/EC, 2002/58/EC and Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004)]. Rapporteur was Malcolm Harbour.

  • 76 recitals!
  • The directive is unconsolidated and makes changes to three other directives or regulations.
  • It is only a single element of the Telecom Package.

The telecom package pushed the European legislation process to its limits. Hopefully Kroes won’t make the same mistake as Reding and make proposals that can be easier processed and reviewed. Some stakeholders are still clouded by the fog of war. But we also have a very nice technical overview of the process.

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