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News by Jan Wildeboer about the SUN-Oracle merger. It’s ok-ed.

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The submission of Openspectrum.eu

OSA’s response to the public consultation on the Radio Spectrum Policy Group’s draft report on “Cognitive Technologies”

was made public on the EU RSPG website. Very technical stuff.

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Brussels, 21.12.2009
COM(2009)691 final
“A European Security Research and Innovation Agenda – Commission’s initial position on ESRIF’s key findings and recommendations”

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“Procedure completed” announced OEIL electronically.

COD/2007/0248 Electronic communications: universal service, users’ rights relating to networks and services, processing of personal data, protection of privacy, consumer protection cooperation [‘Telecoms Package’ (amend. Directives 2002/22/EC, 2002/58/EC and Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004)]. Rapporteur was Malcolm Harbour.

  • 76 recitals!
  • The directive is unconsolidated and makes changes to three other directives or regulations.
  • It is only a single element of the Telecom Package.

The telecom package pushed the European legislation process to its limits. Hopefully Kroes won’t make the same mistake as Reding and make proposals that can be easier processed and reviewed. Some stakeholders are still clouded by the fog of war. But we also have a very nice technical overview of the process.

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For those who just knew Omnibus and Omnicleaner, a message from Referat IT 7 of BMI (German Federal Ministry of Interiour), relates to an annual conference about electronic ID:

Omnicard 2010

Jährlicher Branchentreff zum Informationsaustausch rund um das Thema elektronische Identität vom
19.-21.01.2010 in Berlin

What makes me curious, I just received a “Führungszeugnis” (certificate of good conduct) sent to me from BMJ, a letter which confirms to me that I am no criminal or otherwise dangerous or as they say “No entry”. It was much faster delivered than they announced me in the citizen’s service office. It took much longer 15 years ago and you had to wait for 40 minutes to file your application. These kind of public services tend to improve over time. I am sure we will one day pass the stage where you simply order them via a webform and they don’t charge you for that knickknack, it would be in your box the next day. Of course electronic recording of such data with an electronic ID card sounds more convenient. I guess data protection and security would be an issue here. Now, if the information that I am harmless is beyond the scope of an ID card, what to do with other critical data such as Health records?

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U-lite survey

Please complete this brief survey to help U-lite Linux understand what most people use their computers for. This will be used to influence the default package selection of U-Lite.

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A European Commission consultation wants interested parties (“you”?) to contribute:

This consultation seeks to strengthen and deepen the Commission services’ understanding of the way forward to promote uptake of electronic invoicing within the EU. The objective of this consultation is to collect stakeholders’ reactions on the recommendations proposed by the Expert Group on e-Invoicing in the areas of business requirements, legal framework, interoperability and standards, as well as the proposed approach for implementation and communication.

The EU Commission provides the final expert group report and a consultation document. Unfortunately it is only available in the English working language, not in French, not in German.

Deadline for submissions is end of next month, 26 February 2010.

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ELIVE is an Englightement based debian live CD distribution which is configured in a plain beautiful and user friendly way.

The current development version 1.9.56 .

Less successful is an Elive special edition for the Zeitgeist movement, a kind of esoteric conspiration theory used to promote the retrofuturist ventures of Jacque Fresco.

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Bis zum Schliessen einer höchst kritischen Sicherheitslücke warnt das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) vor der Nutzung des Webbrowsers Internet Explorer.

Das Ausführen des Internet Explorer im „geschützen Modus“ sowie das Abschalten von Acitve Scripting erschwert zwar die Angriffe, kann sie jedoch nicht vollständig verhindern. Deshalb empfiehlt das BSI, bis zum Vorliegen eine Patches von Microsoft auf einen alternativen Browser umzusteigen.

Das dürfte für viele Bürger und Unternehmen sehr unangenehm sein. Als Alternativen bieten sich u.a. an:

Vor einigen Jahren gab es zwischenzeitlich keine echten Alternativen zum Internet Explorer, das hat sich nun geändert. Doch gibt es immer noch Webdienste, die einzig mit dem IE benutzbar sind. Die BSI Warnung zeigt wie wichtig es für unsere Sicherheit ist, diese Abhängigkeiten zu reduzieren.

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KnowRight 2010: Conference on the Interaction of Information Related Rights, Information Technology and Knowledge Management

Vienna University
Vienna, Austria
May 5 – 6, 2010

Call for papers (end of january) The main organizer of the annual conference is again the Austrian scientific computer society OCG. The FFII is a co-organiser. The topics of your submissions is mostly open, but should be related to the ongoing discussions about legal challenges in digital media policy. For instance for IPR:

IP and competition law
 IP and development agenda (WIPO Development Agenda etc.)
 Software patents
 Re-use right
 Enforcement of IPRs
 Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED)
 Access to private and public data for enforcement purposes
 User blocking as sanction for IP violations
 Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
 Enforcement of IP with penal law
 Public support for enforcement of IPRs
 Administrative sanctions instead of penal sanctions?
 Digital Rights Management
 Collecting societies
 Just and fair share of authors
 Pirate Bay debacle
 IP and innovation
 IP and public policy considerations
 Google books & authors’ rights

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