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Morgen soll es dann so weit sein, Google Wave wird öffentlich. Wieder ein interessantes Werkzeug für die Webgemeinde. Das für mich Interessante wird vor allem sein, dass Google Wave als “Killerapplikation” für Html 5 konzipiert ist.

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This is real fun. Tweetshell, an online shell interface for twitter:

tweet_shell@twitter.com:~> wall You know, in linux they say everything is a file. In TweetShell everything is a tweet!!
[The idea is to use your everyday linux commands to interact with twitter. In the previous line we are using the “wall” command to post a new tweet.]



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A new communication from the EU-Commission “Sustainable future for transport: towards an integrated, technology-led and user-friendly system”, outlines the future of the European car industry. Of course Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and car automation are a part of the package. Increasingly the efficiency efforts move to a network infrastructural view:

44. Transport is a network industry that comprises several elements: infrastructure, nodes, transport vehicles and equipment, ICT applications related to the infrastructure and on-board, network services, and operational and administrative procedures. The ability to move people and goods effectively and efficiently relies primarily on the optimal functioning of all these elements in combination.

45. A better exploitation of the network’s capacity and of the relative strengths of each mode could contribute significantly to reducing congestion, emissions, pollution and accidents. This however requires the optimisation and operation of the network as a single entity, whereas currently modal networks are largely separated and even within modes there is a lack of integration between countries.

50. Technological innovation will be a major contributor to the solution of the transport challenges. New technologies will provide new and more comfortable services to passengers, increase safety and security and reduce the environmental impacts. “Soft infrastructures”, like intelligent transport systems for road (ITS[31]) and traffic management systems for rail (ERTMS[32]) and aviation (Single European Sky’s SESAR[33]), backed by Galileo, can optimise the use of the network and improve safety; innovative vehicle technology can lower emissions, reduce oil dependency and increase comfort.

Integrated, technology-led and user-friendly, here the Commission takes an “engineering” view on the future of an industrial sector that is quite unusual in Europe and common in Asian markets.

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It is so amazing to discover small distributions which use LXDE. The latest one I became aware of is Masonux:

Masonux is derivative of Ubuntu Linux using the LXDE desktop environment created using remastersys. Masonux contains the following: Ubuntu base install (from the 10 megabyte mini.iso, found here), LXDE, Firefox, Pidgin, Synaptic Package Manager, ubiquity graphical installer, and remastersys.

Last week Lynxis prepared early test ISO images for Lubuntu, the ubuntu flavour of LXDE. Unexpectedly the Lubuntu public download rush crashed the servers of a Berlin creative technology center “c-base” which hosted the test images. Lynxis rents office space there. The download problem was quickly resolved and LXDE/Lubuntu is even more famous now in Berlin. Also another group faced growth troubles. The Lubuntu team which just manages the seed discussed whether to keep the release team open or close the group because that was potentially dangerous. Membership skyrocket to 135 members. It was decided to keep membership open for now. We are also looking for a new logo for Lubuntu as the deadline for the Karmic release cycle quickly approaches.

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The Commission of the European Union has published the final report on the European Software Strategy. It is a document drafted by several industry stakeholders, ironically most of them do not represent European companies. The preparatory documents are also published. The leakage of draft documents by an American SME representative causes great confusion. The editing policy did follow the same practice as the ICT Taskforce paper.

The Commission will certainly take the industry vendor report into account in their consideration of a European Software Strategy which pursues the Commissioner’s objective of European Digital Independence.

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