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Last year the Commission failed to wind up the European Cybersecurity agency ENISA in the course of the Telecom package debate. Now Udo Helmbrecht from the BSI will take over the lead of ENISA and hopefully transform the placebo agency from Crete into a useful public institution.



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Pieter talks about his Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) brainchild at Fosdem 2009. It is an Open Standard for Messaging Middleware developed by Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Börse Systems, Envoy Technologies Inc.,Goldman Sachs, IONA Technologies PLC, iMatix Corporation sprl.,JPMorgan Chase Bank Inc. N.A, Microsoft Corporation, Novell, Rabbit Technologies Ltd., Red Hat Inc., Tervela Inc., TWIST Process Innovations Ltd, WS02 Inc. and 29West Inc.

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Chapeau, Bruce Perens

The patent situations moves quickly again and you don’t have the time to analyse and comment on all issues. Bruce Perens helps out with a great article about the FAT situation. I could not agree more. I wonder how long it will take to mainstream that view in the States. There is another rather personal point to add about the FAT patent (that was invalidated in Germany for good reasons): These persons ought to be ashamed!

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If you are visiting the European Commission, how do you find the right building? Here is the link.

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